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Growing up in the city King digging was waiting for someone to see his vision......that didn't happen. So he took it upon his self to revolutionise the chicken game. He turned his back on the American Dream to save his home from the mundane flavours that he was eating. Bring you the finest flavours from around the world with the tastiest and juicy wings that will take you on an adventure and leaving you wanting more and more. You don't need to live in Harlem to globe trot, come down to the one stop wing shop and leave your passport at home.

There's only one force driving so kick back, grab a cocktail and come fly with us! Grilled not fried, but with the atmosphere of sin city it's one hell of a ride with the warmest welcome for you mother cluckers. 8 wings for a fiver, I'd break a 10 for that and don't worry change and cards are accepted. Just like uncle Luke, we have the finest birds clapping. Mr sanders, we are not sorry. Nandos, expect to be sitting on a stock pile of cocks. There ain't no dingaling like the Kings and if you don't know the rest.

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